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Damien Arnold 72

Damien Arnold

Fund Administrator


Fund Administrator's Message

CWA Local 1180 has experienced quite a few changes in recent years, not only in leadership within the Board of Trustees, but also leadership within the Benefits Funds. Throughout these changes, the Funds continue to thrive with a talented team of employees who provide excellent customer service, fielding hundreds of calls from members daily and processing thousands of claims throughout the year.

Our number one priority remains servicing our members. If there is anything the Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME case taught us, it is the importance of servicing our membership and educating everyone on the history and importance of unions in the workforce. We continue to invest in our infrastructure and technology to ensure a high rate of productivity of service. In an economy where members face increasing cost-of-living expenses, the benefits we provide allow our members to better take care of their families' health and welfare.

The Benefits Funds receive $1,775 per member per annum to administer benefits such as prescription drugs, dental, disability, optical, legal, continuing education, and more. However, this amount is not nearly enough to provide our members with all these benefits. Through prudent and sound investments, combined with the Board of Trustees’ guidance and support and the advice of highly-skilled consultants, the Funds have been able to grow our reserves at a time when other unions’ funds are going bankrupt. The Local 1180 Benefits Funds continue to research and explore new ideas to expand benefits and best accommodate the needs of our members. We are grateful and proud to serve each and every member of CWA Local 1180.


Summary Plan Descriptions: Actives  Retirees

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Getting Information

You may examine Form 5500 or full Annual Report filed with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor at the Fund Office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, except holidays. You may also obtain copies of the document via written request and paying the reasonable cost of duplication. You should inquire about the charges prior to requesting copies. If you prefer, you can arrange to examine a document during business hours at the Benefits Funds Office. A summary of the Annual Report that provides details of the financial information of the Funds' operation will be furnished free of charge to all covered members.

Nothing in this Benefit Summary Plan Description is meant to interpret, extend, or change in any way the provisions expressed in the Plan documents or contracts. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend, modify, or discontinue part or all these Plans whenever, in their judgment, conditions so warrant. The benefits provided by the Funds are made possible by the Funds’ assets, which are derived from employer contributions. All of the Funds’ assets are used to provide your benefits and to defray reasonable administrative expenses.


Mental Health
& Substance Addiction Resources


Healthcare Assistance with Member Support (HCAMS) offers a confidential, no-cost Employee Assistance Program to all members and their families 24/7 who are dealing with substance abuse and other behavioral health problems that may be affecting their work, health and/or personal lives. Their services include assessment, intervention, treatment referrals and placement, and case management. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of stressors that could be impacting members on the job.



FHE Health

FHE Health assists members with drug, alcohol, sex, and gambling addictions; depression and behavioral health issues; and stress and anxiety disorders through several specialty programs. They offer 24/7 confidential assistance to all members in both the public and private sectors. Learn more about their Behavioral Health/Mental Health,Addiction Treatment, and Residential and Outpatient options.



Authority of the Fund Administrator

Notwithstanding any other provision in the Plans, the Board of Trustees shall have the exclusive right, power, and authority, in its sole and absolute discretion to:

  • Administer, apply, construe, and interpret the Plans and any related Plan documents
  • Decide all matters arising in connection with entitlement to benefits, the nature, type, form, amount, and duration of benefits and the operation or administration of the Plans
  • Make all factual determinations required to administer, apply, construe, and interpret the Plans (and all related documents)

Without limiting the generality of the statements above, the Board of Trustees shall have the ultimate discretionary authority to:

  • Determine whether an individual is eligible for any benefits under these Plans
  • Determine the amount of benefits, if any, an individual is entitled to under these Plans
  • Interpret all of the terms used in these Plans
  • Interpret all of the provisions of these Plans (and all related Plan documents)
  • Formulate, interpret, and apply rules, regulations, and policies necessary to administer the Plans in accordance with its terms
  • Decide questions, both legal and factual, relating to the eligibility for, or calculation and payment of, benefits under the Plans
  • Resolve and/or clarify any ambiguities, inconsistencies, and omissions arising under the Plans or other related Plan documents
  • Process and approve or deny benefit claims and rule on any benefit exclusions

All determinations made by the Board of Trustees (or any duly authorized designee thereof) with respect to any matter arising under the Plans and any other Plan documents shall be final and binding on all parties.

Plan Amendment and Modification 

The Board of Trustees reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to amend, modify, or terminate, in whole or in part, any or all of the provisions of these Plans (including any related documents and underlying policies), at any time and for any reason.

Benefits Office Contact Information

Security Benefits, Retiree Benefits, Education Benefits & Legal Benefits Funds

6 Harrison St., 3rd Floor   |   New York, NY 10013-2898 

212.966.5353   |   888.966.5353 (out-of-area)


Annuity Benefits Fund 
Administrative Services Only, Inc. 
303 Merrick Road, Suite 300, Lynbrook, NY 11563-9010

718.204.7172 Ext. 5520  |  516.396.5520  |  
999.3555 (Toll Free)